The rise of new therapies produced by recombinant DNA technology has brought new hope to millions of patients with previously unmet medical needs. rPRO Technology is a revolutionary approach to protein production that avoids the limitations of cell culture production methods.
Traditionally, production of recombinant medicines has been a time-consuming process, requiring expensive and complex bioreactor equipment and facilities. Weeks or months of production with high levels of growth medium typically result in relatively small amounts of the targeted protein. 
rPRO Technology was developed as a means for producing recombinant therapies in a manner unencumbered by the traditional approach to protein production. Utilizing recombinant DNA technology, the company's rPRO Technology harnessess a robust expression platform for the creation, optimization and commercial production of a wide range of therapeutics. It’s a more natural, scalable and cost-effective method of recombinant protein production with:

  • Unprecedented protein expression levels
  • Unmatched scalability; moving from 5g to 5kg production at little additional cost
  • Greater cost efficiency
  • High protein purity

These innovative recombinant therapies are more cost-effective and scalable to produce than their predecessors. Less cost and easier production means greater availability to the millions of patients who could benefit from them.

LFB USA is revolutionizing recombinant medicine with rPRO Technology.